Plastic DIN Rail Mounting Frames For Pre-assembled Contact Inserts From Phoenix Contact

mounting framesThe new HC-CIF DIN rail mounting frames from Phoenix Contact can be used to install pre-assembled contact inserts quickly and easily directly on the DIN rail in the control cabinet. As a result, entire marshalling levels can be eliminated for the user.

The corresponding DIN rails are NS 35 and NS 7,5. Made from robust high-performance plastic, the frames are stable, very light, and also accommodate plastic sleeve housings from the Heavycon EVO B series of connectors. One base part for all sizes enables easy adjustment to the desired size. This reduces the number of variants.

Locking clips are used to interlock the base and carrier element. The open cable space on the base frame simplifies installation of inserts. The connecting cables can be secured and relieved of strain using cable binders on the angled cable entry of the carrier element


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