Modular D-SUB Connectors For Individual Applications From Phoenix Contact

SUB connectorsNew contact carriers and sleeve housings are now available for the D-SUB connector range from Phoenix Contact.

The UL-approved contact inserts for signal, data, and power transmission are suitable for the D-SUB 9, 15, and 25 designs. With the standard, high density, and hybrid inserts, users can create individual transmission solutions with 9 to 44 positions. The range includes pin and socket contacts as well as designs with solder pin, solder cup or flat-ribbon cable connection.

The matching sleeve housings made from solid metal or plastic with metal alloy ensure user-friendly device connection. The housings, with IP20 degree of protection, are available with a straight or angled cable outlet. They are fastened to the device panel either with a screw or with an easy to assemble catch spring system.


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