Will You Soon Be Illuminating Your Office with LEDs?

LEDs are increasingly taking hold. Also in general lighting. With the brand-new U7 and R7 luminaires, for the first time ETAP introduces a complete range of LED luminaires for the lighting of offices, stores, schools and hospitals.

With the U7 and R7, ETAP immediately has a complete range of home luminaires for general lighting in the most diverse environments. Customers can choose from a recessed version (U7) and a surface-mounted or pendant version (R7). The matrix structure of the LEDs, the recessed lenses and the sleek shape give the luminaires a stylish, contemporary look. Installation for both series is very easy.

Optimally lit areas
The U7/R7 luminaires use LED+LENS TM technology that was introduced by ETAP earlier this year at the international Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt. Thereby high-power LEDS are combined with a specially designed lens. The LED light utilises this optimally and ensures minimum loss of light combined with quality shielding. Therefore the U7 and R7 easily achieve a specific luminous flow of 82 lm/W.

The lenses can also perfectly control the light: according to the application, customers can choose between a wide beam and a medium wide beam version of the lens, or a wall beam version. Depending on the number of LEDs per luminaire, lumen packages between 2500 and 5000 lm are available. The lumen package can be further fine-tuned thanks to the drivers' flexible settings. As a result the number of luminaires and the installed power can be adapted perfectly to the actual need. This has a positive impact on purchase price as well as on energy consumption

A comfortable work environment
 Aside from the high efficiency, LED+LENSTM technology provides optimal luminance control and therefore maximal comfort for the user. The surface structure of the lens was specifically designed to soften the bright LED light with minimal light loss. The U7/R7 luminaires therefore have low UGR values (≤ 19 for the wide-angle version, ≤ 16 for medium-wide beam) and a low average luminance (L <1500 cd/m2 for the wide-angle version, L <1000 cd/m2 for medium-wide beam, each at 65°). Furthermore, the lenses are recessed into the fixture, which creates a soft and pleasant light transition between the lenses and the luminaire housing and environment.

Not only the LEDs have a longer life
Finally, the U7/R7 luminaires also guarantee a long life. Tests indicate a particularly low depreciation factor - after 25,000 hours LEDs still retained 92% of their luminosity. Also, the drivers and the thermal design are fully matched to the maximum lifetime of the LEDs. The voltage protection protects the LEDs in turn against surges from the net. And of course, ETAP also offers a standard 5-year warranty on the new series.


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