Updated CAMA Bedside Reading Light from John Cullen

Cama Reading LightThe Cama now has a touch on/off control button which also works as a dimmer.  When pushed to come on, it will set to the level of light in which it was previously left.

The Cama is an ideal bedside reading light, creating just the right amount of light so as not to disturb your partner.  It is cool to the touch so can be easily repositioned to light your book.  It can be fixed to the wall behind a bed or even the bedhead itself.

Cama:  Flexible LED Bedside Reading Light
Source Type:     LED
Lumens:            40Lm
Watts:                 1.2w
Dimmable:        Mains dimmable
Product type:     Class II (double insulated)
Supply:               230v

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