EMC-Protected Field Cabling with Hybrid-Multiport Distributors and Push-Pull Connectors

multiport distributionWith the new Multiport distribution concept, Phoenix Contact facilitates interference-free data cabling using Profinet or Ethernet in industrial environments. With the combination of both units, users can implement a simple and EMC-compliant connection based on the Profinet cabling directive.

To do this, the Multiport distributor combines the data and power interfaces to form one system. The seamless shielding concept prevents interference when transferring data, especially in the area of welding robots and conveyor systems.

With high-quality aluminum housings and CAT6A components, the system is rugged and fit-for-the-future. The push-pull connector system ensures minimum installation and maintenance costs. The matching push-pull connectors are quickly assembled on site using IDC field connection technology. This connector system with EMC protection expands Phoenix Contact’s range of cabling for Profinet and Ethernet applications in harsh environments.

Phoenix Contact

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