New Automatic System from Cooper Lighting and Safety makes Emergency Lighting Testing Quick and Easy

cooper elCooper Lighting and Safety has introduced a completely new version of its Easicheck automatic test system for emergency lighting.

Featuring innovations such as spur wiring capability, a touch-screen user interface and web access to historical test data, Easicheck 2 has been designed to make the testing of emergency lighting as straightforward and as cost-effective as possible for the building manager.

The new system provides continuous monitoring of lamp, battery and control-gear functionality, together with programmable test regimes to comply with prevailing regulatory requirements. Using simple twisted-pair wiring, Easicheck 2 offers a high-integrity solution for the automatic testing of up to 200 emergency luminaires in either a loop configuration or a loop with spurs.
An auto-learn facility automatically scans the data loop and gives each luminaire an address number corresponding to its position on the loop. If more luminaires are added at a later date, the system can either be instructed to allocate the next available address without altering any existing addresses or to carry out a new auto-learn sequence to re-establish consecutive addressing on the loop.

The 120 x 90mm touch screen includes a QWERTY keyboard facility for data entry, and the system can be programmed with up to 16 independent test groups to accommodate different test regimes or test times in different parts of a building.
For large installations, up to 63 Easicheck 2 panels can be networked together via twisted-pair, TCP/IP or fibre-optic links, enabling a maximum of 12,600 emergency luminaires to be monitored.
As well as being compatible with a wide range of Cooper’s own emergency luminaires, Easicheck 2 can also be used in conjunction with other manufacturers’ products when modified and CE-marked by Cooper. The system is suitable for use with tungsten, fluorescent and LED luminaires.

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