New Slotlight Infinity Slim Delivers Ultimate Flexibility In A Continuous Vein Of Light

Slotlight Infinity SlimZumtobel Lighting’s new Slotlight Infinity Slim delivers advanced design freedom to provide architects and designers with a tool for consistently linear design with high precision.  

Part of the versatile Slotlight product family, Slotlight Infinity Slim measures just 45mm across, making it over 30 percent thinner than standard light lines, providing virtually unlimited flexibility.

The Slotlight Infinity Slim range has an opal optic and a continuous diffuser that can be supplied up to 20 metres long, making it possible to create a seamless, continuous-row system without any shadows or overlapping. A uniform appearance is ensured by prefabricated frames and spacers, whilst the separation of luminaire body and frame allows installers or drywall builders to perfectly integrate the continuous-row system in suspended ceilings to a consistent light line. Smaller lighting modules with LED lighting points that can have any spacing pitch and luminaire lengths in multiples of 250 mm increase the scope for high-precision design and allow custom-fit configuration of the light line.
Slotlight Infinity Slim offers a truly integrated, low energy solution with excellent colour rendering of Ra>80, lighting efficiency of up to 92 lm/W and a service life of 50,000 hours.  Slotlight Infinity Slim luminaire channels are already completely assembled and wired in the factory, fitted with control gear and loop-through wiring. A Slotlight Infinity Slim lighting solution can be configured quickly with an easy to use interface on the Zumtobel website. Simply enter the dimensions of the desired light line and the configurator compiles a complete itemised list of components – for a linear light line as well as for light lines around corners, in U-shape or O-shape. The data can be exported in Excel or PDF format.

As part of the it is available with a full range of optics and can be specified as both a single luminaire and a configurable continuous light line. recessed, surface mounted or suspended, the Slotlight Infinity Slim light line stays true to the principle of the perfect line, no matter how it is installed.


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