Thorn LIMO Set for Fast, Efficient Luminaire Upgrades & Massive Energy Savings

Thorn Limo SetThe LIMO (Light-Modernisation) Set has been launched by Thorn Lighting to provide a fast and efficient way of replacing inefficient luminaires with the latest LED technology, using the ready2mains™ (r2m) gateway.

Thorn’s LIMO Set modernisation solution for office lighting is based on a combination of energy efficient LED luminaires and smart lighting management and is suitable for various applications, from individual and open-plan offices through to conference halls meeting areas.

Thorn’s LIMO Set has everything required to convert existing lighting to high-efficiency, controllable LED office lighting, as everything you need comes complete in a single ThornLimoSet3pack, from the lighting control components, communication gateway and presence detection, daylight control and dimming, through to the luminaires themselves. Lighting can be modified or upgraded quickly as installation is achieved by simply inserting the r2m gateway and combi-sensor into the existing installation. This will efficiently control up to 15 luminaires without any additional wiring and provide reducing operating costs, optimum lighting conditions and up to 80% less energy consumption.

The LIMO Set is currently available with Thorn’s Omega and Chalice ranges. Omega and Omega Pro are LED flat panel luminaires which can be directly integrated into the ceiling profile, ensuring an attractive design. The mounting options can be adapted to any space and the fittings have adjustable mounting options for through-life flexibility. Omega Pro offers comfort and style with an edge lit flat panel incorporating the unique Glare ProTech prismatic optic for high performance optical and glare control for great lighting quality. It is a direct replacement for 4x18W T26 (T8) recessed luminaires and complies with EN 12464 office lighting norms.

Thorn Limo Set DownlightChalice is an LED downlight available in two sizes with up to 2,800 lumens, offering a direct energy efficient replacement for CFL solutions. Chalice Pro is a high performance LED downlight offering class leading efficiency and a long 50 000-hour LED lifetime and UGR <19 so it is suitable for office lighting applications.

The lighting management components of the LIMO Set use the ready2mains™ technology from Tridonic. This means that digital control signals are transmitted between sensor, gateway and LED luminaire via the existing power cables with no rewiring necessary for additional lighting management.

Thorn’s LIMO Set is perfect for use in offices and other workspaces previously equipped with no independent lighting management system and is the ideal solution for energy-efficient workspace.

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