Concord Beacon XL Muse Has It All

beacon xl museArchitectural lighting specialist Concord has introduced the cutting-edge Beacon XL Muse to its award-winning Beacon family of products.

The ultimate lighting tool for a designer, the Beacon XL Muse provides total control and adjustability of both beam angle and light levels combined with typical Ra97 colour rendering offering a truly flexible product for gallery and display applications.

Neil Solanki, Strategic Business Manager at Concord, comments; “The Concord Beacon Muse revolutionised the lighting industry when it was first introduced, and by introducing the Beacon XL Muse we have again demonstrated the commitment to designing and manufacturing innovative luminaires by increasing lumen output up to 2,884lm at 70 deg flood setting from a 41W LED light engine.”       
The Concord Beacon XL Muse features intelligent LED technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight. Boasting an increased output over the original Beacon Muse, the luminaire provides a flexible, high quality solution. Specifically designed for museum and gallery applications, the beam angle can be adjusted from 10° to 70° as well providing a dimmable range between 5-100%. This adjustability lends itself perfectly to an environment subject to change, such as an exhibition or display, where a continuous lighting upgrade would otherwise be required.

The Concord Beacon XL Muse incorporates a multitude of customisable aspects, with wireless dimming available through App Control. When paired with a smartphone via a free application, scenarios can be set up with single or multiple luminaires, and light levels can be set according to the needs of the end user. This wireless feature adds great benefit to the luminaire where multiple occupants require different lighting needs.

In addition to this, the position of the spotlight can also be physically adjusted, with a rotation of 355° providing a near full rotation from a fixed position. This is an important factor for luminaires showcasing exhibits that can often be subject to change. As the Beacon XL Muse is flexible, the light can be adjusted to follow new arrivals in galleries or to change the focus within a museum at minimal cost and disruption.

Available in both 3000K and 4000K options, as well as DALI dimmable varieties and accessories including Barn Doors, Elongation and Honeycomb lenses, the Beacon XL Muse is the perfect solution for designers seeking powerful, high quality and adjustable light.


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