New Barrier Terminal Blocks from Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact BT barrier terminal blocksThe new BT barrier terminal blocks have been developed for the convenient connection of conductors with ring cable lug and offer new possibilities for cost-efficient control cabinet manufacturing.

In combination with the push-in connection technology, the screw connection principle with spring-guided screw results in quick and easy wiring. The integrated spring washers ensure vibration-proof and maintenance-free connection. The screw is centered automatically thanks to optimised guidance in the terminal housing.

Using 2-pos. jumpers, any number of terminal blocks can be quickly connected to form a potential distribution block. Terminal block versions are available with screw and screw, push-in and push-in, and screw and push-in connection technologies. Thanks to the different connection methods in a single hybrid terminal block, the various requirements of internal and external wiring can be met at the same time.

All BT terminal housings are touch-proof which means that no additional terminal strip cover is required for the user's safety. Another advantage is the use of accessories from the Clipline complete terminal block system, which means that logistics costs can be reduced.


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