Dialight’s Wireless Occupancy Sensors Deliver Maximum Flexibility, Control & Efficiency for Smart LED Lighting Systems

Dialight’s Stand-Alone Wireless Occupancy SensorsCordless, Plug-and-Play Sensors Install in Any Location to Control Single Fixture or Lighting Group for Maximum Energy Savings

Dialight, the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology for industrial applications, today unveiled its new wireless occupancy sensor, a unique battery-powered plug-and-play sensor that speeds and simplifies installation to provide maximum lighting control flexibility and energy savings in industrial applications.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any Dialight smart lighting system, the new wireless sensor can be placed virtually anywhere within a facility, without the need to install or move cabling, for nearly unlimited lighting control options. A single sensor can be programmed to control multiple lights and groups of lights, eliminating the need to install a sensor on every light.

Using Pyroelectric InfraRed (PIR) technology, each sensor can instantly switch a single light or a group of lights from off to on or from a dimmed state to on when motion is detected for full visibility and brightness only when needed, greatly reducing on-time and power consumption. Multiple sensors can be linked to a single Dialight gateway to manage several (or up to 100) nodes (sensors and lights) from a single wall controller.
Programmable dimming and customizable timeout options allow facilities to configure fixture on-time for each sensor at one-minute intervals. Lights can be programmed to remain on for up to 30 minutes once motion is no longer detected and then dim or turn off instantly.

Auto-detect technology instantly recognizes new sensors on the network upon activation for fast and easy configuration. And, each light and sensor in the network can be securely monitored and configured remotely from anywhere through the Dialight cloud-based gateway portal using a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

With its 10-year lithium batteries and self-healing 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 mesh networking system, the new occupancy sensors offer the same long-life performance and dependability of the complete Dialight wireless lighting system, backed by a 5-year warranty.


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