The New Crimping Pliers From Phoenix Contact Are Designed For Maximum Ease Of Use

Crimpfox Centrus crimping pliersPhoenix Contact’s latest innovation, self-adjusting Crimpfox Centrus crimping pliers for end sleeves, enables efficient and user-friendly connection.

The pliers’ ergonomic design and improved mechanics facilitate process-reliable end sleeve crimping.

The compact crimping pliers feature a particularly short handle width for ease of holdingand operation. Owing to the new design concept, the manual force required for optimal crimping results has been reduced by up to 30 percent. In addition, the recoil forces that occur when opening the tool have also been reduced considerably.

The product family offers two sizes, each with a square or hexagonal crimping shape, that cover cross sections from 0.14 to 6 mm² or 0.14 to 10 mm², respectively. A robust head cover provides valuable protection from mechanical stress or when the tool is dropped. The crimping pliers facilitate simple crimping of isolated, non-isolated, and twin end sleeves across all applications and deliver improved efficiency, ease of use, and tool quality.


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