New Tridonic System Permits Dimming via the Mains

Constant-current LED DriversUntil now, upgrading conventional lighting systems without a dimming function to a modern, dimmable, LED-based lighting system has required complicated wiring and incurred high costs.

Following in the steps of LED Drivers in the TALEXXdriver PREMIUM series, ready2mains technology has now also found its way into the first devices in the TALEXXdriver EXCITE series. The constant-current LED Drivers are dimmable thanks to ready2mains technology. Two versions (LC 17W 250–700mA flexC SC EXC and LC 25W 350–1050mA flexC SC EXC) will be introduced, both of which can be used both for luminaire installation and separate mounting thanks to snap-on strain relief. This makes them suitable for upgrades to existing lighting solutions and new cost-efficient installations.

Professional upgrades to conventional lighting solutions have been made even easier by  replacing the conventional light sources with LEDs, and the existing fixed-output drivers with the new EXCITE devices featuring ready2mains capability. The only thing missing is the ready2mains gateway to transmit the dimming commands in digital form from the control unit directly to the luminaires via the mains cable and this simply needs to be installed between the control unit and the luminaires; a separate control line to the luminaires is not needed. Presence and daylight sensors can be integrated for convenience and to achieve energy savings.

This means that luminaires or luminaire groups comprising up to 15 LED luminaires can be dimmed from 100 to about 15% via the gateway. “The known advantages of fixed-output devices still remain, such as easy installation without additional cables and DALI addressing,” said Stefan Summer, Product Manager at Tridonic. “And as before, the luminous flux can be simply configured via plugs.”

A large variety of luminaire types can benefit from the advantages of ready2mains technology. Downlights and spotlights, as well as decorative and panel luminaires can be simply and cost-effectively adapted to meet new lighting requirements and can easily be dimmed.


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