Theben Take LED To The Next Level With Multi-channel Dimming

Theben DMG 2 T KNXDrivers with dimming capability can dim the LED light output over the full range from 100% to 0%, and Theben has led the market with its universal dimmers which overcome the problem of there is no agreed standard for LED drivers.

This has made specifying a device to control dimmable LED lighting challenging, however Theben has stepped up to the plate with its range of KNX dimmers.

The Universal Dimming Actuator DMG 2 T KNX is one of Theben’s successful MIX Range of KNX actuators and controllers for switching, dimming and heating control. The MIX range is a series of KNX devices, consisting of base and up to 2 extension modules (which counts as one device) which make it easier and more cost-effective to control multiple channels. A KNX system allow for a practically unlimited number of devices in a system.  1000’s of luxury homes have been fitted with a KNX control system.  2, 4 or 6 channels of dimming can be configured per device group and there is also the option to add booster units (DMB 1 T) for higher loads.

The new Universal Dimming Actuators provide stepless dimming and scene setting, using optimised dimming curves included in the KNX ETS configuration software, and new dimming curves can be imported via the ETS as they become available. The device has Scene Setting function, as does the 8-way MIX RMG 8 S KNX switching actuator.
A useful practical feature is that, at the time of installation, dimming can be manually tested using push buttons on the front of the device before the KNX bus is connected.

Ahead of its general launch, the new Theben dimmer, were installed in a number of UK reference sited and been tested with leading LED manufacturers lamps. The theben Dimmer DMG 2 T KNX was voted Product of the Year by the UK KNX Association.  Theben’s VDE approved in house testing facilities continues to test the dimmers with new LED lights as they become available, and are available to check  proposed lights before systems designers commit to a project, and lighting engineers are welcome to contact Theben AG’s English-speaking technical helpdesk.


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