Rapid Media Converters for Ethernet Applications in Realtime from Phoenix Contact

Media convertersWith their short latency, the new FL MC 2000T Ethernet media converters from Phoenix Contact have been specially optimised for use in applications with time-critical protocols.

The optical converters are optionally available with pass through operating mode. This enables the latency to be halved in comparison to standard mechanisms such as store-and-forward. As a result, they are suitable for Ethernet protocols such as Profinet, Powerlink, Ethercat or Sercos lll. The devices are in robust metal housing and satisfy high environmental requirements for implementing a variety of applications. Distances of up to 40 kilometres can be bridged using single-mode fibreglass.

In addition to numerous diagnostics LEDs, the media converters feature the Link Fault Pass Through function. This provides permanent connection monitoring. If the connection drops, direct redundancy measures can come into play. A relay output on the device also informs you of a voltage or connection drop. Data transmission via fibre optics optimises Ethernet applications with regard to their performance and transmission reliability. In addition to the increased range, the advantages of electrical isolation are also apparent.


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