19" Components for Data Technology Based on Copper and Fibre Optics

Phoenix Contact 19inch systemPhoenix Contact now offers a product portfolio that allows you to easily create a modular, tailor-made 19" system solution from a single source.

This solution provides space-saving, efficient, and safe data communication in building infrastructure in the industrial sector, such as for waterworks, wastewater treatment plants or energy suppliers.

The construction of application-specific 19" cabinets with coordinated connection technology and system components as well as the inexpensive expansion of existing systems is made possible by the modular design. The portfolio covers fibre optic or copper-based switches, power supply, surge protection, an SHDSL extender, industrial PCs, a 19" distribution panel, standardised connectors, and a comprehensive range of accessories.

The configuration of control technology in waterworks or wastewater treatment plants presents particular challenges for the operator, as does the construction of networked control rooms in municipal works, for example. The safer and more efficient design of 19" technology in conjunction with the web-based visualisation of all system parts now provides a safe and permanent system overview.

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