Megger Offers 15 kV Insulation Testing for Industry

MIT1525 Insulation TesterPortable instrumentation expert Megger has launched a new and innovative 15 kV diagnostic insulation resistance tester developed specifically to meet the needs of users in the industrial and OEM sectors.

The MIT1525 provides insulation resistance measurement up to 30 TΩ with an exceptional 6 mA of noise rejection, and offers an extensive range of diagnostic tests including polarisation index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR), step voltage (SV), dielectric discharge (DD) and ramp testing.

The MIT1525 allows users to benefit from the enhanced diagnostic performance and increased accuracy that, in many applications, result from insulation testing at 15 kV, as well as allowing them to comply with the growing number of standards that specify this test voltage. Examples of these standards include NETA MTS-1997 Table 10.1, applicable to the maximum voltage rating of equipment, NETA ATS 2007 Section 7.15.1 for medium-voltage motors, and IEC 60229 2007 for electric cables with a special protective function.

Versatile and robust, the MIT1525 is intuitive in operation. Users can select all major functions with just two rotary controls, and the instrument incorporates a large backlit display that allows multiple results to be shown simultaneously. A high-capacity internal memory is provided for the storage of date- and time-stamped results that can either be recalled to the display or exported via the instrument’s fully isolated USB interface.

A further key benefit of Megger’s new MIT1525 15 kV insulation tester is that it can be powered not only from an AC supply, but also from an internal extended-capacity rapid-charge Li ion battery. The battery option makes it possible to use the instrument almost anywhere, and it is therefore an excellent choice for field-based applications where a convenient AC supply source may not be available.

The MIT1525 was designed from the outset with user safety in mind and offers a CAT IV 600 V safety rating at altitudes up to 4,000 m. It also features Megger’s patented dual-case construction with a tough impact-resistant outer case and a fire retardant inner case. As a further aid to operational safety, the test leads supplied with the instrument feature insulated clips designed specifically for 15 kV creepage paths and are fully compliant with IEC61010-031.

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