The TALEXXconverter TOP Series Completes the New Converter Portfolio from Tridonic

Tridonic TALEXXconverterTOPTALEXXconverter TOP is the latest addition to Tridonic’s new converter portfolio, providing exceptional versatility within the range to meet a variety of applications.

These converters also incorporate advanced protection functions to ensure long life of the LED light sources.

In all models in the series the current range can be adjusted in small steps between 350 milliamps (mA) and 1750 mA, depending on the wattage, to provide the perfect conditions for the particular application. Comfort and protection functions such as precise setting of the output current, temperature management and integrated temperature monitoring ensure reliable luminaire operation throughout its life.

The main features of the TALEXXconverter TOP are high efficiency of up to 92 percent and an adjustable current range. Depending on the wattage, the converters are designed for LED operating currents of 150 mA to 400 mA, 350 mA to 900 mA or 900 mA to 1750 mA. The current range can be set via a resistor or optional ready-made resistors known as I-Select-Plugs. This is done in either 25 mA or 50 mA steps depending on the converter model. The TOP converters can therefore be used for different LED modules. Their output current tolerance is +/- 5 percent. The TOP series starts with devices that deliver outputs of 20 W to 55 W and will be gradually extended. Ultimately, there will be different versions with outputs ranging from 10 W to 100 W.

Wide variety of applications
The numerous different versions cover a wide range of applications. Different housing types and sizes (compact, surface-mount, low-profile) allow for a wide variety of designs and applications. The compact housing is intended for luminaire installation and is ideal for spotlights and downlights. The long version is a surface-mount version also for spotlight and downlights, while the low-profile design is used wherever there is little space available for installation in luminaires. This version is intended for linear and low-profile lighting solutions.

Integrated protection functions such as temperature monitoring and temperature management ensure that the lighting modules operate reliably. Long life of up to 50,000 hours at temperatures up to 60 °C translates into maintenance-free operation for many years. The converters are also suitable for emergency lighting systems and automatically detect the presence of DC current.

"Our new portfolio featuring the ECO, TOP and TEC converter series meets the typical requirements of LED lighting solutions", said Jürgen Fink, Head of Global Product Management Gears at Tridonic. "Each series has been optimised for specific applications: ECO for demanding and flexible dimming solutions, TOP for optimum operation and high flexibility, and TEC for all basic functions. Whatever the requirements and whatever the application we can provide the perfect device.

The devices are future-proof thanks to CE/ENEC and RCM certification. CQC certification is already at the preparatory stage. Tridonic offers a five-year system guarantee for peace of mind.

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