Megger Multifunction Testers Get Down To Earth

Megger MFT1735In response to the growing need for earth electrode resistance measurements, Megger has added a new model to its popular and successful MFT1700 family of multifunction installation testers.

When used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, the new MFT1735 provides comprehensive facilities for two-pole, three-pole, stakeless and ART earth electrode resistance measurements, as well as all the functionality needed to test electrical installations in line with the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

The wide range of earth test facilities provided by the new tester mean that it is well suited to virtually all earth resistance measurement applications, including the testing of electrodes in TT installations, as are used for certain vehicle charging points, verification of earthing performance in lightning protection systems and checking the earth systems used in wind turbine and other renewable power installations.

Like all models in the MFT1700 family, the new MFT1735 features simple colour-coded test selection and a large clear backlit display, an EN61010 CAT IV 300 V safety rating, full input protection against accidental connection to live supplies when set for dead-circuit tests, visible and audible safety warnings of hazardous voltages, and rugged durable construction with an IP54-rated case.

The MFT1735 also offers a choice of two-wire and three-wire non-trip loop testing, along with high-current loop testing, which means that users can always choose the loop test method most appropriate and most convenient for the application in hand.  Other key features include the ability to test all commonly used types of RCD, including Types AC, A, S and B as well as programmable types, and provision for three-phase RCD testing in industrial applications with no earth. A timesaving auto-test feature for standard single-phase RCDs is also included.

Megger’s new MFT1735 multifunction installation tester with enhanced earth test facilities has a built-in memory that can store up to 1,000 test results. Using the Megger Download Manager software supplied with the instrument, these results can be downloaded to a PC, smart phone or tablet via a wireless Bluetooth connection that removes the need for delicate and easy-to-lose data cables.

Power for the MFT1735 tester is provided by NiMH rechargeable cells, which are supplied with the instrument. This arrangement eliminates the cost, inconvenience and environmental impact associated with using ordinary disposable batteries. A mains charger is supplied as standard and a charger for use with 12 V vehicle supplies is available as an optional accessory.

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