Infrared And Ultrasound United In One Easy-To-Install Window

IRISS CAP 4 USIRISS has introduced another unique product to its growing range of electrical maintenance safety devices.  The new addition is the CAP-4-US which contains both infrared window and ultrasound ports, allowing the inspection of live electrical systems in a safe and guarded condition.  

Installation of the CAP-4-US enables potentially hazardous and costly faults to be identified quickly and cost-effectively without endangering personnel. The device is also attracting the attention of OEMs who wish to add value to their enclosure products by incorporating in-built safety devices.

Maintenance engineers use a range of technologies in their preventative maintenance routines and two of the most effective are thermal imaging and ultrasound measurement.  One shows anomalies in thermal performance of the system and the other detects arcing, tracking and corona that are sure signs of potential failure.

Many electrical failures are caused by gradual degradation of equipment such as insulators, switches and connectors.  Commonly the electricity flow is partially interrupted by the breakdown of the circuit.  Early on, such faults produce noise that is detectable in the 40 kHz frequency range of ultrasonic data collection and may also produce heat depending on the type and severity of the defect.

The ability to conduct both methods via the IRISS CAP-4-US twin port therefore boosts the efficient detection of these problems.  And in common with other IRISS products, it carries an unconditional lifetime warranty.

The IRISS CAP-4-US is available with either an opaque or clear polymer window that allows both visual and full spectrum infrared inspection.  Both are shatter and vibration proof and won’t degrade through exposure to UV and naturally they comply with all mandatory load and flammability requirements.

“Electrical assets must be continually monitored to prevent failure which can cost companies significant sums in loss due to damaged equipment from arc flash or electrical fire, production downtime and personnel injury,” commented Martin Robinson CEO, IRISS.

He continued: “We have recognised the potential for a multi-technology approach to the problem so electricians can find failure points safely and efficiently.  Our CAP-4-US meets this need perfectly.”

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