Sylvania RefLED Superia AR111 Where Light Quality Meets Efficient Lighting Needs

RefLED Superia AR111Sylvania has introduced the new RefLED Superia AR111, a versatile LED lamp designed to provide an energy-efficient, long-lasting alternative to traditional halogen AR111 lamps.

Offering improved anti-glare light properties compared to halogen lamps, the RefLED Superia AR111 is a perfect solution for retail, display and hospitality applications. The lamp is also well suited for museums and produce sections of supermarkets, as it does not emit UV or IR rays and will not affect light-sensitive products, such as food or textiles.

By recessing the LED chip within the lamp, combined with Sylvania’s innovative reflector technology, the lamp performs with improved low-glare characteristics compared to its halogen counterpart. The precision of light in regards to display lighting is a very important factor to consider when making a lamp choice. The RefLED Superia AR111 delivers the optimum optical control for these types of applications, offering great beam characteristics and the high intensity needed for effective spotlighting of objects.

The lamp is also extremely efficient with the potential to save over 85% on energy usage. Combine this with 50,000 hours of life and the lamp will dramatically extend maintenance schedules. The traditional halogen AR111 by comparison suffers from a short life span due its low rated life of 3,000-4,000 hours and, with an average operation time of around 12 hours each day, the halogen lamp effectively needs replacing every six months. The RefLED Superia AR111 will last on average eight times longer, enabling users to upgrade their lighting to LED and remove the worry about constant lamp failures. The initial investment in switching to this type of lamp can generate a return on investment in as little as nine months.   

Edward Lees, SBU Manager – LED Lamps at Havells Sylvania, says “End-users have been aware of rising operating costs and know that re-designing lighting systems can be a quick solution to reduce these outgoings. However, the quality of the light is as important, if not more so to many end users. The traditional lamp was well received by the industry and a low energy LED version should reproduce its characteristics as much as possible to ensure light quality remains high. I believe that light quality should never be compromised to achieve efficiency. The new RefLED Superia AR111 is a perfect example of this, with precise beam characteristics, low-glare design, high lumen output, long life and it is extremely energy-efficient, giving end-users a clear choice. The lamp also benefits from dimming functionality, which enables further energy savings when used with a lighting control system.”

The RefLED Superia AR111 is available in 450lm (6.5W) replacing 50W and an impressive 740lm (10W) replacing 75W. Sylvania will also launch a 905Lm 100W version in 2014.

The Sylvania RefLED Superia AR111 is manufactured at Sylvania’s state-of-the-art facility in Tienen, Belgium and also benefits from a five year warranty for complete piece of mind. This product launch continues Sylvania’s commitment in providing customers with an LED alternative for all popular halogen lamp types.

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