Phoenix Contact Adds New Modules for Axioline I/O

Axioline IO ModulesPhoenix Contact has extended its I/O product line for the Axioline F control cabinet: The eight-channel modules for receiving and transmitting standard signals and for temperature measurement are now complemented by compact four-channel versions.

The new 4 channel input modules for currents and voltages capture any common standard signal in synch with the bus and offer an integrated sensor power supply. Their robust design in terms of EMC and various environmental conditions ensure that analogue signals are picked up accurately and reliably. Short-circuit-protected outputs that can transmit current signals for load resistances of up to 500 ohms, underscore the reliability of the compact output modules. These, too, deliver the standard current and voltage signals to the application in synch with the bus. Short signal rise times further facilitate rapid signal output in dynamic processes.

Two additional, four-channel temperature measurement versions top off the product line. The RTD4 module serves to collect signals from resistive temperature sensors. The sensors can be connected to the short-circuit-protected inputs using two, three, or four wires. The new UTH4 modules are ideal for applications with thermocouple sensors. Thermocouples are needed for measuring high temperatures in environments with large EMC loads. High-impedance decoupled differential inputs and EMC resistance even for unshielded sensor wires result in an accuracy of ┬▒0.01% of the measuring range final value.

The modules can be connected to different bus couplers and support fieldbuses and networks including Profibus and Profinet, sercos 3, Ethernet, and EtherCAT®.

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