Concord Expands Award Winning Beacon Spotlight Range

Concord Beacon WallwashArchitectural lighting specialist, Concord is continuing to expand its high-end spotlight offering with the introduction of two brand new variants to its multi-award winning Concord Beacon range.

The Concord Beacon Minor and the Concord Beacon Wallwash continue to break the mould with advanced LED technology, coupled with enhanced optics to create stunning lighting schemes across numerous applications.

“Concord is known for developing high-end architectural lighting solutions that push technological boundaries,” comments Dave Warburton, SBU Manager for Concord at Havells-Sylvania. “The new Beacon variants are yet another example of Concord’s expertise. With just one product line, numerous different lighting schemes can be achieved with ease. With the Beacon range, there are no compatibility issues and installation remains incredibly easy across the board, removing two major specification headaches from the equation.”

Concord Beacon MinorConcord Beacon Minor
The Beacon Minor is the first mains voltage LED spotlight available on the market, meaning no separate driver is required. The luminaire simply consists of the housing, arm attachment and track adaptor; there is no need for gear or a gear box. Without the hindrance of an external drive, the Beacon Minor can have a direct connection to line voltage of 200-240V making the installation process smoother and easier. This new mains voltage LED spotlight allows high performance, energy-saving LEDs to be used in a far greater number of applications and gives more customers the opportunity to reap the benefits of LED technology.

The revolutionary new luminaire can now replace existing mains halogen fittings and reduces the compatibility risk of retrofitting LED as previously, in certain combinations, LED retrofit lamps and drivers were not compatible. This now provides end-users with the energy-savings and maintenance cost reductions they are all looking for whilst still delivering a good light output. Equivalent to 50W Low Voltage dichroic, the 13W Concord Beacon Minor is available in 3000K or 4000K, with a Spot version emitting 594lm and the Flood version, 623lm (fixture lumens).

Combining a compact size with simple efficiency and cost effectiveness, the Concord Beacon Minor is the perfect solution for shop lighting environments. It also works well in reception and display areas and comes in white and black colour to match other models within the Beacon range.

Concord Beacon WallwashConcord Beacon Wallwash
Based on efficient Sylvania Metal Halide CMI-T technology, the ultra-compact Beacon Wallwash luminaire measures just 170mm in length, yet can bathe an entire wall with floor to ceiling white light when mounted at a height of just two meters.

Available in 20W, 35W, 50W & 70W versions, every Concord Beacon Wallwash comes with a quick-start Sylvania Superia CMI-T 3000K (warm white) lamp as standard. Fixture lumen output is outstanding across the range – the 20W version provides 1900lm, while the 35W model outputs an impressive 3414lm making the Beacon Wallwash ideal for retail and shop lighting.

Within the range L1, L3 track and surface mount variants are available and the 360˚ rotating head allows for precise adjustment and angling, making it an incredibly versatile wall-wash solution.        

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