Concord Enters New Realm Of Lighting With Mini Continuum LED

Mini Continuum LED luminaireConcord has introduced the Mini Continuum LED luminaire to its extensive range of linear luminaire systems.

Offering continuous, highly uniform and yet discrete lines of light across walls and ceilings, the Mini Continuum LED can be vertically and horizontally recessed, semi-recessed, surface-mounted and suspended dependent on individual lighting requirements. Flexible in positioning, yet classic in design, Mini Continuum with an overall lit surface width of only 51mm is an ideal luminaire for offices, meeting rooms, corridors, education facilities and libraries.

Mini Continuum is available in a complete range of joinable LED modules from 0.6m through to 3.6m in length. The horizontal and vertical corner sections allow for changes in direction without breaking the continuous line of light, and there is an outside trim detail for plasterboard ceilings or a trimless version for when a seamless effect is required.
“Introducing the Mini Continuum LED luminaire to Concord’s linear systems range has certainly added another dimension to our portfolio”, says Dave Warburton, Strategic Business Unit Manager Concord, at Havells Sylvania.

“Linear lighting systems are currently in vogue and Mini Continuum LED builds on our already successful T5 versions to deliver all the benefits of LED in a compact, versatile package.”

The efficient, uniform LED strips provide efficiency of up to 57 luminiare lumens per circuit watt, whilst providing stylish and discrete lit effects. For example, a 25w 1200mm length delivers 1425 fixture lumens, equivalent to a 28w HF fluorescent version from a smaller surface area (51mm instead of 90mm)

Designed to the ‘Golden Mean’ ratio of height vs. width, the modules have the same dimensions as a credit card and come complete with satine opal diffusers. With DALI dimmable versions and three-hour integral emergency options available as standard, this sleek fixture delivers seamless light projection across an extensive range of application.

Numerous accessories are available for various installation requirements, including end-caps, 5-way non-dimmable and dimmable plugs and recessed plasterboard brackets. The 3000k or 4000k with light output equivalent to similar T5 luminaires, the system delivers an energy saving of up to 20%.

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