Verbatim’s Diamond Cut Optics Reduce Glare, Stray Llight and Hotspots in LED Spotlights

Verbatim LED spotlightsIn its efforts to constantly improve product performance, Verbatim has introduced the latest optical technology to a new range of high performance LED spotlights to better control beam patterns.

Two new series of Verbatim LED spotlights – PAR16 GU10s and MR16 GU5.3s – employ single focus diamond cut lenses to mimic the warmth and dimming characteristics of halogen lamps that lighting professionals demand along with exceptional beam management and high brightness. Diamond cutting is used to achieve precision-finished optical surfaces that allow light to be dispersed in a defined manner, avoiding the glare, stray light and hotspots associated with many competing products.

A family of three 7.3W PAR16 GU10 spotlights offer various lumen and colour temperature options, all at very high efficacy levels. Delivering 390lm, 420lm or 440lm (equivalent to 60W or greater), the LED lamps all offer a 36 beam angle and produce a corresponding luminous intensity of 720cd, 800cd and 830cd at colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K respectively. The lamps have a lifetime over 35,000 hours and offer improved compatibility to dimming controllers.

Verbatim 5240 LED LampAdditionally, a family of three 7W MR16 GU5.3 spotlights with a 40ο beam angle also benefit from the diamond cut optics. Delivering between 400lm, 410lm or 490lm and luminous intensity of 680cd, 700cd and 800cd, the LED lamps also offer colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K respectively. The lamps have a lifetime over 30,000 hours and offer easier compatibility to dimming controllers and many combinations of transformers.

Suitable for accent lighting in retail, hospitality and gallery settings, all the new spotlight lamps employ the latest chip-on-board (COB) technology, where the LED die is mounted directly onto the circuit board, to improve thermal resistance, lumen output and efficacy.  

“The optics technology we employ in our latest LED spotlights will improve mood lighting in hotels, museums, restaurants and cafés where even subtle differences in beam quality and dimming performance can result in a significant impact to visitor experience. Beyond the anti-glare and perfect beam benefits that diamond cut optics bring, Verbatim’s PAR 16 LED lamps achieve up to 87% energy savings compared to 60W standard halogen lamps, last 15 times longer and deliver excellent price performance,” comments Jeanine Chrobak, Business Development Manager LED EUMEA, Verbatim.

The new Verbatim LED spotlights (Product numbers: 52234, 52235 and 52236 for PAR16 lamps and 52240, 52241 and 52242 for MR16 lamps) are available to order from partners and distributors across Europe or directly from Verbatim.

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