Sylvania Launches New MR16 Lamp Which Cools the LED from the Inside

RefLED Coolfit MR16Havells Sylvania is delighted to announce the launch of the RefLED Coolfit MR16 575Lm - a new lamp that packs 575 lumens into a small form factor size, to achieve a performance that makes it the first LED direct replacement for 50W MR16 halogen lamps.

The lamp also delivers the right quality of light with the additional benefit of dimmability, for extra energy saving and light level control. Incorporating Sylvania’s Coolfit AHC Technology, the MR16 575Lm is suitable for all types of residential and commercial downlight applications including enclosed fire-rated and IP65 fixtures.

Manufactured at Sylvania’s the state-of-the-art facility in Tienen, Belgium, the new RefLED Coolfit MR16 575lm is the flagship product in the RefLED Coolfit MR16 range. All Coolfit MR16 lamps feature the Sylvania’s AHC (Automatic Heat Control) technology, which addresses in an effective and innovative way, LED thermal management issues and enables the Coolfit MR16 range to be used in enclosed luminaires. Lamp life compares favourably with standard LED MR16 lamps which often fail as early as 6,000 hours or shut down offering no light and reduced service life, due to poor thermal management.

“With the launch of our new RefLED Coolfit MR16 575Lm lamp we have achieved the next Holy Grail of LED replacements – first we developed the first mains voltage 50W GU10 LED replacement and now we have created a compact, cool running lamp that produces a right amount of light to replace a 50W MR16 lamps in a true-fit size,” says Edward Lees, Strategic Business Unit Manager for LED at Havells Sylvania. “This latest development shows the true strengths of Sylvania’s R&D capabilities to bring to the market innovative, high performance lamps that users need and demand.”

To achieve its class leading performance, the RefLED Coolfit MR16 features automatic heat control (AHC) technology which self-regulates the heat generated by the LED. This feature works by automatically and smoothly reducing lamp power through self-monitored dimming, to find equilibrium between best light output and optimal thermal operation. By helping avoid overheating, this feature ensures long life and ensures the return on investment for the customer.

The new lamp generates an extremely impressive 575Lm of light output from a compact form factor which can be retrofitted in all types of MR16 luminaire. It also benefits from European build quality, performance and reliability and unlike comparable products is silent in operation as it does not incorporate or rely on a cooling fan for optimal operation. The lamp is available in a wide range of beam angles including 60° and a choice of different colour temperatures.

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