Compact Plug Connectors for Rigid and Flexible LED PCBs

LED connectorPhoenix Contact is now offering plug connectors for rigid and flexible LED PCBs. The white plug connectors were specifically designed for LED applications. They can handle currents up to 10 A and voltages up to 25 V.

The PTF butt connector joins together two flexible circuit boards, and the two-pin and four-pin versions already have conductors connected for the inputs. With a total height of just 4.2 mm and a width of 9.2 mm, the plug connector is suitable for installing 8 mm-wide LED strips in guide profiles. A built-in locking mechanism ensures a secure connection to the PCB.

The new white PCB terminal blocks and plug connectors from the PTSM range have a component height of just 5 mm, which makes them suitable for rigid LED PCBs and applications up to 320 V and 6 A. Conductor connection is provided by a push-in connector for cross sections up to 0.5 mm².

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