System Cabling for Modicon M340 with 16 Digital I/Os

Varioface system cabling rangeThe latest addition to the Varioface system cabling range allows a connection to be established to the input/output boards of the sixteen-channel digital I/O components of the Modicon M340.

This means that wiring is reduced to just a few steps: The new front adapters are simply plugged onto the assemblies and fastened with screws. The front adapters integrated in an encapsulated casing are connected with the interface modules using pre-assembled system cables.

Labelled plug connectors and marking options on the casing ensure clear allocation of the signals. Optionally, the assembly's voltage can be supplied via the terminals on the adapter - or via the transfer modules. These are available as passive components with different connection methods, including knife disconnection. The active components with relays and opto-couplers switch loads up to 250 V AC/10 A and can handle inrush currents of up to 130 A. This makes them especially suitable for lamps and capacitive loads.

Using the intelligent Varioface solutions, the I/O signals of the Modicon M340 system can be easily amplified or adapted. This is done quickly, with clean wiring and without errors.

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