Controller for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV charging controllerPhoenix Contact is offering an enhanced new charging controller for electric vehicles with mode 3 charging according to IEC 61851-1.

The module’s digital outputs can be connected to more than 30 internal states via an integrated web server. This allows various error and status messages to be signalled via LED and further system components within the charging station to be integrated by means of the controller. The communication interface also makes it possible to control these outputs directly from a higher-level controller.

The Modbus TCP interface integrates the charging controller into a load balancing system and thus ensures that available power capacities are being utilized to the fullest. Power meters equipped with a Modbus RTU interface can be directly connected to the controller. The relevant power data is obtained from the controller, web server, and Modbus TCP.

Its many configuration and access options make this standard component for flexible operation of charging stations highly suitable for a broad range of applications, in particular in satellite systems. An optional EV lock release that releases the plug lock when the power supply is interrupted further extends the product family.

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