New Industrial Relay System From Phoenix Contact

Rifline industrial relay systemThe new Rifline complete industrial relay system from Phoenix Contact ranges from a slim 6.2 mm coupling relay to a relay that may be used as a small contactor replacement to the most powerful relay that can switch voltages up to 400 V. This universally pluggable relay system ensures high machine and system availability.

The relay system is based on Phoenix Contact’s push-in technology, in which wiring is done by inserting the wire directly into the clamping sleeve, significantly shortening the installation time. This technology is already in use in several products, such as the PLC-Interface relay series and the Clipline complete terminal block system.

The use of bridging material from the existing terminal block product range enables simple current distribution. Most of the relay modules in the series can be upgraded to a timer relay with the pluggable timer module. This multi-function plug-in module offers four time ranges and three timer functions. The relays are offered as a complete module for conventional input voltages or in modular component format to enable the implementation of custom solutions.

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