MMP98 Series - The New Flexible Area LED Light Engine from YEG Opto

YEG Opto MMP98 ALLEIn response to market demand for Area LED Light Engines [ALLEs] YEG Opto, the High Wycombe based LED specialist, has designed and launched the MMP98 series of light sources.

MMP98 satisfies the requirements for excellent ‘hot’ lumens efficacies at economical prices. Adaptability is guaranteed with YEG offering this ALLE in many different formats, with drivers to match. MMP98 carries 5 year warranty and is manufactured in England

Originally designed to meet the popular 2D replacement market, this range is now finding uses in a great variety of lights - both where fluorescents need to be replaced with LEDs and in new designs calling for the advantages of solid state lighting. Versions are available with a high brightness emergency LED fitted along with a green indicator that is compatible with industry standard emergency gear, extending the scope of adoption still further.

YEG Opto offer MMMP98, which employs Samsung’s LM321A groundbreaking LEDs, in all colour temperatures from 2700k to 6500K with the option of three step McAdam. This MMP98 can be matched to the required light output and specific lighting designs by employing LED drive currents from 0.5 to 1.05 amps. Dimming drivers provide for even more sophisticated control of this ALLE. All drivers are available from YEG Opto.

Considerable thought has been given to easy assembly of the MMP98 into luminaires. Thus there are push down terminals for easy wiring and four M4 clearance holes for simple assembly in the luminaire’s body.

So that customers may “own brand” a version of the MMP98, YEG Opto will replace their markings with those of customer. OEMs get their own logo, part number, etc to appear on the ALLE to obvious advantage.

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