Rittal’s Enhanced Modulsafe Level E for High-security Cells

Rittal Modulsafe Level EShown at Cebit 2013, Rittal’s Modulsafe Level E is an enhanced version of the existing Safe platform and is ideal for critical data that requires total protection.

Creating a complete security zone around a 19-inch rack, Rittal’s Modulsafe Level E will keep practically any physical threat at bay. A key new feature is the use of Rittal’s new TS IT server rack in place of the TS 8. Smart protection mechanisms, including sensors and monitoring software, maximise uptime.

Rittal Innovations at CeBIT also included the smart PDU socket strip and the Computer Multi Control (CMC) III monitoring system. The PDU’s in the IT Power series comprise a whole family of socket strips, ranging from basic to high-end (managed) models, including current measurement capability for each output. This attractively priced, entry-level product is a useful addition to Rittal’s long-established modular PSM range.


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