MFT1730 Installation TesterAlmost any multifunction installation tester will get the job done, but the latest models are so much faster and convenient to use that they really can help contractors save money and boost profits, says Simon Wood of Megger.

Let’s face it – installation testing is a necessary evil. It’s something that has to be done because if you can’t give the client a certificate you don’t get paid. So testing can’t be skimped, what’s more proper testing is essential to prove that an installation is safe and reliable.

What contractors need, therefore, is multifunction testers that make testing fast, easy and dependable, which is a very good description of the models in the Megger’s new MFT1700 range. So how exactly do these new testers cut testing time?

For a start, they feature a reliable two-wire loop test that is guaranteed not to trip RCDs.  This means no more problems with testing from locations like light switches where there’s no convenient neutral available. And it’s worth remembering that it’s faster to make two connections than three. Naturally, a three-wire high-current option is also available for speedy testing of circuits that aren’t RCD protected.

As you’d expect, MFT1700 testers offer automatic RCD testing that eliminates the need to keeping walk to the RCD and resetting, but they also provide a quick pass/fail option for applications where it’s only necessary to confirm that the RCD trips between predetermined minimum and maximum values.

MFT1730 test buttonBecause they offer many functions, some multifunction testers can be complicated to use, but not those in the MFT1700 range. They have clearly laid out front panels and simple selector switches - there are no time-wasting and potentially confusing menu systems.

Displays on MFT1700 testers are large, backlit and easy to read under all conditions, but that’s not all. They show two pieces of information at the same time: the main test result and a key secondary parameter. This means, for example, that users can see at a glance the voltage being used while carrying out an insulation test, which greatly reduces the risk of errors.

Safety is also built in. MFT1700 series multifunction testers have a CAT IV 300 V safety rating, which makes them suitable for use on any part of an LV installation. And they are protected against damage if a dead-circuit test is accidentally carried out on a live circuit, even if the connections to the live circuit are made after the test has been initiated.

The features described apply to all models, but the top models in the range have even more to offer, like internal storage of results with Bluetooth downloading, rechargeable batteries, facilities for checking phase rotation and testing three-phase RCDs and even an option for measuring earth electrode resistance.

If you’re a contractor, boosting testing productivity is an excellent way of cutting costs and boosting profits, so don’t you owe it to yourself – and your bank balance – to move up to the Megger 1700 series, the new generation of multifunction testers?

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