Eaton Launch the New 5P Uninterruptible Power Supply

5P Tower Rack LowDefEaton has launched a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the Eaton 5P, in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The high-efficiency, line-interactive UPS is ideally suited for powering servers, switches, routers and storage devices in network closets and small data centre environments up to 1,550 VA.

The 5P UPS supports entry-level virtualisation strategies through seamless integration with Eaton’s Intelligent Power® software, and provides simplified energy management through an intuitive graphical display panel, with integral energy metering and pure sine-wave output. The new 5P UPSs complement the recently introduced and already very popular 5PX series, offering customers a comprehensive range of high-performance server-grade UPSs with ratings up to 3 kVA.

“Virtualisation is becoming increasingly important even in smaller IT installations,” said Christophe Jammes, Single Phase Product Manager from Eaton’s Power Quality Division, “Until now, it has been hard to find small UPS systems that are optimised for use in virtualised environments. Our new 5P and 5PX ranges completely solve this problem by integrating directly into leading virtualisation platforms. The units also give users the additional benefit of exceptionally high operating efficiency. These new products truly do represent a major step forward in UPS technology.”

On a single screen, the graphical LCD built into the front of the UPS shows comprehensive power system status information along with the real-time values of key operating parameters. The display can be set to work in multiple languages, and is complemented by easy-to-use navigation keys that make configuring the UPSs fast and straightforward.

An exceptionally high operating efficiency of up to 98% minimises both energy costs and cooling requirements, while an integral kWh metering function enables the energy delivered to the load to be accurately measured. Facilities are also provided with load segment control features, which enable non-essential loads to be disconnected during power outages to extend run time.

The Eaton Intelligent Power software, an innovative pairing of power management and protection software, is included with the 5P. With this software, users can seamlessly integrate with VMware’s vCenter Server™ virtualisation management solution, as well as virtualisation platforms such as Citrix® XenServer, Microsoft SCVMM™, Red Hat® and other Xen® open source platforms. The integration enables automatic and transparent live migration of virtual machines during power disruptions to unaffected devices, and also provides a graceful shutdown of computers, virtual machines and servers during an extended power outage. In addition, the 5P offers USB and serial connectivity, and has capacity for an optional communication card to enhance system management, for example, with SNMP/Web functionality or a relay contact output.

Available with ratings from 650 VA to 1,550 VA, the 5P units deliver a pure sine-wave output suitable for powering even the most sensitive loads, including servers with active power factor correction (A-PFC).

The 5P’s maximum battery life and reliability are assured through Eaton’s ABM® battery management technology. The technology ensures that batteries are only charged when necessary, which extends battery life by as much as 50%. Additionally, when the batteries do require maintenance or replacement, they can be hot-swapped without interrupting the supply of computer-grade power to the equipment supported by the UPS.

Eaton 5P-series high-efficiency UPSs are available in space-saving tower and 1U rack-mounting versions, and provide unmatched energy density of up to 1.1 kW in a 1U unit. All models are offered as standard with a three-year warranty on electronics and a two-year warranty on batteries.

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