Schaffner Sine Wave Filter FN5040HV for 600VAC and 690 VAC Drives

The FN5040HV sine wave filters from the market leader Schaffner are now available for 690VAC and 600VAC applications.

In combination with variable speed drives extra losses in AC motors are reduced and help to prolongate the motor life time. They are precisely matching the technical requirements of modern drive systems and are particularly impressive when used with long motor cables.

The new sine wave output filter Series FN5040HV in open compact frame design smooth the rectangular PWM output voltage of modern drives and provide the motor with a sine wave voltage with low residual ripple <5%. This largely reduces premature ageing or destruction of the AC motor due to high dv/dt, over-voltages, bearing currents or overheating due to extra losses. Expensive downtime, premature service and maintenance costs can be reduced.

The sine wave filters FN5040HV are available in 14 current ratings between 13 and 1320A and are specified for typical network supplies of 3x690VAC and 3x600VAC for up to 1‘200kW drives power.

Higher power rated drives are preferably operating with lower switching frequencies due to minimise the power losses. Schaffner’s sine wave filters are designed to operate at 1.5kHz for drives >355kW.

The sine wave filter is designed according to UL standard requirements and planned to be certified.

Applications in building and infrastructure technology (pumps, fans, HVAC) benefit equally from the use of the new sine wave filter, as do chemical, cement, metal, oil and gas, mining and other heavy industrial applications. Not only, where pumps and fans are controlled by drives with very long motor cables or several motors are connected in parallel, the sine wave filters from Schaffner are the perfect complement.

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