Philips Fortimo LED Integrated Spot Gen2 Dimmable

The Fortimo LED Integrated spot 600 lumen is an all in one solution that includes an integrated driver, optics and heat sink. This solution is not only easy to design in, it also provides luminaire manufacturers high quality of light and flexibility of choice.

The integrated spot module is available in three different color temperatures (2700, 3000 and 4000K) and comes with three beam angles (15, 24 and 36 degree). The current upgrade, Fortimo LED Integrated spot Gen 2, is now also dimmable  (Leading Edge) allowing users to create the desired ambience in each environment.

Marius Schlatmann, Regional Product Manager LowLumen for OEM Lighting Sources & Electronics, said: “The existing 50W LV halogen market is enormous and waiting to be transformed to attractive LED solutions that come with quick pay back times. The Fortimo LED Integrated Spot Gen 2 dimmable module can be connected directly to the mains and is an efficient and affordable solution.The integrated system means that no external driver is required. No extra costs, no additional installation time and space needed, and no compatibility issues. This makes life easy and allows a fast time-to-market.”

The integrated spot can be fitted in recessed, ceiling, wall surfaced and suspended fixtures in environments varying from hospitality, retail to residential. Low maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption make it an ideal LED module  for commercial spaces – such as hotel lobbies, reception areas, bars and elevators where lights are on for many hours per day (lifetime increased to 50K hours in Gen2) and low maintenance is key.

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