GlassGuard® Unveils New Energy Efficient Luminaires

GlassGuard SB LuminaireGlassGuard® has launched GlassGuard® SB, a new range of luminaires designed to maximise a unique combination of energy efficiency, improved lighting and safer maintenance qualities, making it suitable for food storage, warehousing, sports halls and other applications with high or low bay lighting.

GlassGuard® SB is available in various options to suit appropriate lighting requirements: LumaStat® daylight sensor control, motion sensor and digital dimming. With the incorporation of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) and photocell capabilities, GlassGuard® SB can help maximise energy savings of up to 60%.

GlassGuard LumastatEncompassing high performance reflectors made from MIRO grade polished aluminium, GlassGuard® SB delivers a high Light Output Ratio (LOR) of up to 93%.

All GlassGuard® SB luminaires are fitted with GlassGuard BlackBand® compact fluorescent fragment retention lamps. This added-value feature helps to minimise the risk of glass contamination or injury from accidental lamp breakages thus providing a safer lighting solution for all applications that have a need to protect their lighting.

GlassGuard® Marketing Manager, Stewart Damonsing explains: “We are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and we have developed a range of luminaires with this in mind which do not compromise safety or efficiency. Added to the fact that they come with GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps, GlassGuard® SB luminaires are an efficient and safer alternative to tubular metal halide and sodium luminaires.”

GlassGuard® produces Europe’s widest range of fragment retention lamps, manufactured to EN 61549, providing a safer lighting solution for businesses and organisations.

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