New Easy to Wire I/O Terminal Blocks Available for Omron PLCs

Omron launches a new range of I/O terminal blocks for the CJ- and CS-series PLCs. The high-density I/O units (32 to 64 digital I/O points) of these PLC series are equipped with one or two 40-pin connectors.

Three types of connection
To connect field wiring, the new XW2R range of terminal blocks offers 3 options:

- Push-in terminals
Suitable for solid or stranded wire of 0.08 to 2.0mm², or with ferrules of up to 2 mm diameter, this is the fastest and most versatile connection method. Solid wires or ferrules can be inserted in the spring clamps without tools. Wire removal requires a small flat-blade screwdriver. The release hole can be used as test point.

- Clamp terminals
Suitable for solid or stranded wire of 0.13 to 1.3mm², or wires terminated with crimp terminals. This widely used terminal type requires tightening the screw clamps on the wires or terminals with a flat-blade screwdriver.

- M3 screw terminals
These conventional M3 screw terminals are used for wires terminated by ring or fork terminals.

Two types of signal layout
All connection types are available as:

- General-purpose terminal blocks
The general-purpose terminal blocks have 20, 34, 40, 50 or 60 connections. Connector pins are individually wired to the connection terminals 1:1. The terminals are sequentially numbered from 1 to n. These models can be connected to any I/O unit, but the signal order will depend on the pin assignment of the unit, and may not be in numerical order.

- PLC-specific terminal blocks
The PLC-specific terminal blocks have 32 I/O connections plus 2 power supply terminals. The terminals are neatly arranged in the bit order of the PLC units, numbered 0 to 15.

Specific models are available for input- and output units, and for sinking or sourcing I/O (NPN or PNP signals). Besides models for Omron CJ/CS-series there is a series designed to match the bit order of Mitsubishi I/O units.

Connected by existing cables
Connection between the PLC units and the XW2R terminal blocks is by existing XW2Z cables, available in lengths from 50cm to 10m.

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