Omron Enhances Motor Contactor with World’s Smallest Footprint

Introducing our redesigned motor contactor with an integrated double contact for switching electronic circuits that is not only easier to install and handle, but also has a higher temperature specification, than other motor contactors of its type.

Omron J7KN contactor contact detailSuitable for switching electronic circuits
The new J7KN 10D to 22D series of motor contactors is fully compatible with its predecessors and has all of their advantages, such as:

•    The same robust design
•    Superb temperature performance (special T90 marking; temperature up to 90 °C and no derating of AC3 values)
•    Small, space-saving size

But that’s where the similarity ends. The new series has an improved design affording better protection, easier maintenance and featuring an integrated auxiliary contact suitable for switching electronic circuits (17V, 5mA).

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