IXYS UK Launches New 2.8kV 10kA ‘Wespack’ Rectifier

The new 2.8kV rectifier diode extends the upper voltage range of this revolutionary product group, offering maximum power rating for weight and volume, without compromising on quality and reliability.

The diode has an RMS current rating of nearly 10,000 amperes and a very low package thermal resistance of 0.013 kelvins per watt. Constructed by using an all diffused silicon slice alloyed to a molybdenum disc, the die is encapsulated in a fully hermetic package. The high quality construction of the diode offers excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings.

“Instead of archaic conventions, the new diode follows the IXYS UK strategy of offering more power and less package with products designed for applications. When compared to conventionally packaged devices, the new Wespack diode offers around 50% more current with 35% less weight; thereby, allowing the user the opportunity to make both energy and material efficient designs,” commented Frank Wakeman, IXYS UK’s Marketing and Technical Support Manager.

“This unique product with megawatts of rectifying power capability is part of our campaign of introducing products that enable our customers to reduce the weight of their power systems, namely, taking their products through a weight loss program, thus reducing the energy cost of shipping their products, and reducing their CO2 footprint,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, Founder and CEO of IXYS Corporation.

The new diode is available in two voltage classes. Designation: W5130MK240 for the 2.4kV version and W5130MK280 for the 2.8kV device.

Typical applications for these devices include: front end rectifiers and bridges, DC power supplies, utilities and chemical power supplies.

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