Fläkt Woods Launches the NOVA Chilled Beam

The chilled beam iQ Star® NOVA is an integrated system for ventilation, cooling and heating, fulfilling most needs for indoor climate. It has been designed for free hanging installation and is available in two different designs: a rounded and a squared shape.

The blow through the supply air slot is directed diagonally upwards, which increases the probability of adhesion to the ceiling and thereby draught-free room ventilation. The air flow can easily be set using Energy Control (EC), a patent-pending function that provides a comfortable indoor climate.

In order to further increase flexibility, EC can be fitted with a motor, MEC (Motorized Energy Control), i.e. the beam is equipped with a VAV function. EC consists of a nozzle rail on each side of the chilled beam (left and right). The Flow Pattern Control system (FPC) will enhance the flexibility of the NOVA chilled beam. The beam is also available with fittings for direct illumination.

The NOVA chilled beam is just like WEGA developed specifically for the high demands of the modern and dynamic office, where flexibility is equally important as cutting edge energy saving features. Thanks to pioneering nozzle technology and the Variable Air Volume system, air flow is always sufficient and adapted to momentary requirements.

•    Beam modularity, Flow Pattern Control and Energy Control functions allow flexibility in the office layout.
•    Good indoor air quality and human well-being are always ensured. Organizational changes and renovations can be made without the need to change the installation.
•    8 rows coil or 10 rows coil
•    2 pipes (cooling) or 4 pipes (cooling and heating)
•    6 different nozzle configurations available on site
•    12 different nozzle configurations available for selection
•    STRA-14 room controller for maximum flexibility and energy efficiency

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