Expanding LED Offering from Helvar

Helvar is pleased to extend its LED offering with the new 30 W LED analogue dimmable driver and 60 W constant current outdoor driver. Helvar’s offering and roadmap are aligned to target viable LED lighting applications.

The new 30 W dimmable 1-10V LED driver
Earlier this year the 30 W platform was successfully launched with the constant current (LC1x30-E-CC) and DALI dimmable (LC1x30-E-DA) versions. The 30 W range is now complemented by the 30 W dimmable 1-10 V version (LC1x30-E-AN), providing smooth dimming from 1 %-100 %.

All units share the same optional click-on strain relief (LC1x30-SR). The product is ideally suited for indoor applications such as downlight in retail and hotel environments.

The new 60 W (IP65) LED driver
Helvar is introducing the first product of the IP65 LED driver range, starting with the 60 W constant current driver (OL1x60-E-CC). This LED driver is enclosed in a robust IP65 housing providing multiple output currents including 700 mA and 1050 mA.

Its high efficiency (>0.9) and high immunity (4 kV fast mains transients) allow energy efficient and stable operation. Flying leads provide reliable installation in more demanding environments such as outdoor and indoor industrial applications.

Helvar LED drivers are complemented by a compatible controls and sensors offering. Examples include luminaire based solutions (µDim, iDim, MIMO3) and networked solutions (DIGIDIM and Imagine).


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