PRO RM Redundancy Modules—For Decoupling The Outputs Of Parallel Switched-mode Power Supplies

PRO RM RedundancyWith PRO RM, Weidmüller presents three new redundancy modules for decoupling the outputs of parallel switched-mode power supplies. The parallel switching enables a redundant power supply concept, resulting in the highest equipment availability.

Devices from the PRO RM series are characterised by high performance in a very small space; their efficiency ratio is over 90%. They can be deployed around the world thanks to international approvals.

The switched-mode power supplies are ideal for supplying the power for controls and other comparable devices found in panels. With their efficiency ratio of over 90% and a long service life, they save on energy and on costs. High quality devices for industrial and data centre applications, like those from Weidmüller, offer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) times of > 500,000 hours and long service lives. The addition of redundancy can significantly increase equipment availability for particularly critical systems, such as automotive industry production lines or processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. In such cases, several power supplies are switched in parallel in order to guarantee operation even if one power supply drops out.

 Switched-mode power supplies exhibit an issue inherent in the system though: when multiple secondary circuits are switched directly in parallel, an opposite negative influence can affect the individual circuit, which in a worst-case scenario can lead to the destruction of the devices. This however can be very easily and reliably prevented with Weidmüller redundancy modules They are positioned between the power supply outputs and the equipment that is to be supplied with power. This decouples the power supplies, and a short-circuit has no effect on the load any more. In addition, they offer protection against energy recovery. These modules are equally well suited for redundant operations in the supply of critical components as for doubling the power increase.

Weidmüller is currently showcasing three new redundancy modules: the PRO RM 10 for input currents of up to 2 x 12 A and a permanent output current of 24 A, the PRO RM 20 with up to 2 x 24 A (in) and 48 A (out) and the PRO RM 40 with up to 2 x 48 A (in) and 96 A (out). The input voltage can be between 10 and 32 V DC. Devices from the PRO RM series are characterised by high performance in a very small space; their efficiency ratio is over 98%.

They can be horizontally mounted, side-by-side on the terminal rail, without any gap between them. A gap of 50mm above and below to allow for the flow of air is enough. Thanks to LED indication and a status relay, they offer permanent status monitoring and rapid state diagnostics. This facilitates maintenance and ensures reliable operation. The PRO RM have many international approval certifications, e.g. cULus, Class I, Div. 2 and ATEX. This makes them ideal for many different automation applications.


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