Phoenix Contact Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks with Colour-coded Disconnect Lever

Knife disconnectThe knife disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact enable you to detect malfunctions and carry out inspections while the system is de-energised.

The new UT…-MTL terminal blocks with screw connection have a disconnect lever which is actuated without tools. This enables the circuits to be separated easily. The disconnect lever locks in the end positions.

The disconnect point is also colour-coded to make it easy to identify. The disconnect lever is available in orange, white, and red. Product versions with test socket screws are available for convenient measurement. This enables a measuring device to be looped in upstream or downstream of the disconnect point. The double function shaft enables potentials to be distributed easily using plug-in bridges.

The new knife disconnect terminal blocks are suitable for conductors up to 10 mm². The uniform Clipline complete system accessories reduce logistics costs for the terminal blocks.


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