Mackwell Launch Latest Innovations At Light & Build 2016

Mackwell Electronics chose Light & Building 2016 for the launch of several innovations, including an integrated core platform that uses a brand new technology.

A combination of software and hardware that is integral to our products will enable a series of features and upgrades. The new platform will be fully software configurable and programmable and there is nothing else like it on the market today.

Features include adaptive light output, extensive battery protection, diagnostics, wireless communications and the ability to sync data with the Mackwell Cloud.

The ELEDD MIDI portfolio, Mackwell’s new compact emergency LED driver range, was on the stand and includes DALI AutoTest versions that enable the conversion of general lighting for emergency operation and constant current SELV compliant outputs that make it possible to drive multiple power LED’s or multi-chip LED arrays with forward voltages (Vf) from 6V to 200V. ELEDD MIDI comes with built-in adaptability that permits optimum output current, based on the forward voltage of the specific light engine for a more precise match to the controlled LED scheme.

Compatible with the leading brands of mains drivers, ELEDD MIDI is available with either NiCd or NiMH batteries, test switch function, a choice of 1 hour or 3 hours emergency duration and SmartCharge™ technology for NiMH battery variants.

Mackwell also exhibited the XYLUX LS, a high performance self-contained LED emergency luminaire that delivers 3 hours rated emergency output. This versatile luminaire is available in a range of options to cater for specific requirements and provides the perfect solution for High-Bay, Mid-Bay, Open-Area and Corridor applications with IP65 versions also available for more demanding environments. The unit also incorporates an LED module, a 2.2Ah NiMH battery pack with 3 hours emergency duration and a deep discharge protection circuit. XYLUX LS has been designed to provide maximum benefits for the installer including extra space internally to make on-site wiring faster and easier.

Mackwell also showcased its expanding XYLUX range, with the addition of XYLUX EXIT. XYLUX EXIT is an aesthetic exit sign that can be tailored to the needs of a building’s interior. Installation options include surface mount for ceiling and wall applications, recessed, suspended and cantilever. The product can be finished with a surrounding frame in addition to choice of surface finishes.
Last but not least, the new N-light EC from Mackwell will demonstrate an innovative and efficient approach to installing, powering and monitoring emergency lighting systems. N-light EC achieves this by using category cables so that monitoring and testing of emergency lighting systems can be completed without the need for additional wiring. N-light EC is a central component for powering and commissioning emergency lighting systems, specifically designed to be used alongside general lighting that operates on a Smart building platform to create a complete lighting solution.


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