Architainment Lighting Uses Sensory LEDs to Illuminate Canal Tunnel

Tucked away near Islington’s Wharf Road lies Regents Canal tunnel, home to a pathway popular with London’s pedestrians and cyclists. Looking to improve the route Islington Council approached Architainment Lighting to supply and commission a range of LED lighting for inside the tunnel.

Architainment Lighting supplied three Philips Color Kinetics iW Graze and ColorGraze fixtures, all of which were two foot lengths and controlled by a Pharos LPC1 (Lighting Playback Controller) system. Fitted to the centre of the tunnel’s ceiling, the iW Graze fixtures wash the pavement-side of the tunnel with white light, detecting movement through an occupancy PIR sensor. Islington Council wanted to use sensory lighting that would respond whenever anyone was passing through the tunnel, and so the lighting changes from a cool white to a warm white whenever the pavement is in use.

Three lengths of iColor Graze were also fitted to the tunnels ceiling, projecting dynamic, colour-changing light onto the opposite side of the tunnel. Also controlled by a Pharos LPC1, Architainment Lighting’s Technical Services team programmed the RGB lighting to run through a series of saturated colours during the dark hours.

In addition to enhancing the atmosphere alongside the canal, the LED lighting has improved the general safety of a normally dark pathway, illuminating it for commuters as they travel to and from work in the dark winter hours.

Architainment Lighting

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