Socomec’s Masterys Green Power UPS Provides Critical Support at Equine Training Facility

Socomec-Horse-PowerFollowing the installation of a Socomec UPS system providing protection for critical clinical power installations at specialist care provider Langford Veterinary Services (LVS), Socomec’s Masterys Green Power was the technology chosen for the latest installation at the prestigious LVS Equine Centre.

In rural North Somerset, the Langford Equine Hospital and Practice has a major responsibility for the investigation and treatment of horses, including vital laser, respiratory, laparoscopic and respiratory tract surgery.

At critical stages in equine treatment, mains-powered hoists play an essential role in the safe and comfortable handling of animals both before and after surgery.  To ensure that the hoists work continuously - even in situations where the power is interrupted - the facility selected the Socomec 40kVA Masterys Green Power UPS - with industry-leading, independently verified 96% efficiency.

Supporting the equipment between a mains power failure and the activation of an auxiliary generator supply, the Socomec Masterys Green Power system protects LVS’s critical surgical assets.

“It’s really great to know that our equipment is used in such an interesting and important application and that the welfare of the animals is protected by Socomec critical power systems” said Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of Socomec UPS UK.

Socomec UPS

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