Sinergy Systems Keep Your Finger On The Energy Pulse

Measuring,recording and analysing utility usage couldn’t be simpler than with the newly launched suite of products from leading energy saving solutions provider Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management.

Its Sinergy Pulse Plus range delivers easy-to-install sub-metering that reports data wirelessly over the GSM network, allowing energy managers to download usage patterns and consumption figures direct to their PC for analysis. This remote data collection approach is perfect for monitoring multiple site locations in acost-effective and highly efficient manner while minimising cable runs to manage costs.

The range consists of:
•  The Pulse Plus Multipoint, a plug-in GSM data recorder that enables accurate measurement and recording of electrical power and pulsed output devices (ie water and gas meters). It measures a single phase load (Amps, Volts, power factor, kW, kWh) and can accept up to two signals from pulsed output devices. Data is analysed using Sinergy’s dashboard control centre.

•  The Pulse Plus Logger is a plug-in multi-channel GSM data recorder with the capacity to accept up to 16 signals from pulsed output devices. Data is analysed using Sinergy’s dashboard control centre..

•  The Pulse Plus Meter is a plug-in GSM data recorder that stores usage information for one three phase circuit, reporting wirelessly via GSM.

All Pulse Plus systems offer remote configuration allows monitoring parameters to be changed without attending site and utilise non-volatile memory, safeguarding data during a power failure.

“Wireless reporting of data is key for a growing number of clients. The Pulse Plus systems allow energy and facilities managers to select the most appropriate and cost-effective approach to gathering and analysing energy usage in a wide variety of locations, from homes to sports facilities, retail outlets,hospitals and local authority sites. Once installed there’s no need to return to site,” said Jeremy Dodge, MTEM Head of Marketing and Technical Services.“Users can programme Pulse Plus to retrieve data as required, giving precise and detailed real-time information about consumption, usage patterns, base load,peak demand etc. This information is key to understanding, managing and reducing energy usage. Sinergy systems have saved customers significant costs by giving them the information required to implement energy cost savings,identify charging inaccuracies and maximise power provision on site.”
Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management

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