PC Board Connection for High-Current Applications without Tools

phoenix contact pl seriesWith its PLA 5 and PLH 5 PC terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact expands its series of conductor connections for high-current applications that do not require any tools.

The lever actuated PLA 5 terminals with 30 degrees and PLH 5 horizontal conductor outlet can accommodate conductor cross sections extending from 0.5 mm2 up to 6 mm2. As a result of the zigzag pin arrangement, even in a 7.5 mm pitch, the compact terminal has UL approval for 600 V and has a current-carrying capacity of up to 41 A. The push-lock technology allows conductors to be connected with or without a ferrule. This PC terminal block sets itself apart as a result of the labelling surfaces in the field of view, as well as an easy-of-access test socket.

The sandwich design allows colour coding from one up to 12 positions. The single-position versions are also securely mounted on the PC board as a result of the double pinning arrangement. The new PCB terminal blocks round off the “Combicon power” product range with push-lock technology from Phoenix Contact.

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