Custom Combination for Uninterruptible Power Supplies

phoenix contact upsThe modular system for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from Phoenix Contact ensures a custom-tailored solution for every industrial application. Many energy storage devices are available to help meet a range of different requirements, including long buffer time, long service life, extreme ambient temperatures, and maintenance-free operation.

Connected energy storage devices communicate with the UPS and are automatically recognized in turn by the UPS. Depending on type and environmental conditions, the UPS calculates the optimal charging currents to increase the service life of the energy storage device. Every application requires a specific energy storage technology. Lead batteries, for example, offer buffer times of eight hours with a service life of 15 years given ambient temperatures of -40°C up to 60°C. If conversely maximum service life is the main goal, CAP energy storage devices are a perfect choice. CAP energy storage devices buffer load currents of 20 A for 30 seconds or 1 A for 10 minutes. They do however operate for more than 20 years without requiring any maintenance and can handle 500,000 charge cycles. Lithium-ion energy storage devices combine a long service life with extensive buffer times. They support buffer times of up to 40 minutes with a service life of 15 years and 7,000 charge cycles.

The Quint UPS-IQ uninterruptible power supply, equipped with IQ technology from Phoenix Contact, detects all of the relevant conditions for the energy storage device, such as voltage or temperature. It is therefore able to provide the required transparency to ensure the reliability of the UPS at all times, while making the best use of the battery. The intelligent battery management knows the actual charge state of the connected battery and calculates the remaining runtime. The remaining lifetime of the battery is also known. This allows supply interruptions and premature shutdown of industrial PCs to be avoided. Service can be planned and energy storage devices are no longer prematurely replaced.

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